The Republican Executive Committee (REC) is the governing body of the Republican Party of Monroe County. The REC is composed of elected representatives from the several precincts in Monroe County. The REC works together with the three Keys Republican Clubs to support Republican candidates and promote the Republican Party throughout Monroe County.


The REC meets in the conference room of the Coldwell Banker Schmitt Real Estate Office in Marathon the third Saturday of most months through October.  No meeting in November.  The December meeting is usually the first Saturday when we have the Christmas Luncheon.

See Calendar page to verify meeting dates.  


Chairman Nick Mulick

Vice Chairman Matt Massoud

Treasurer Tom McDonald

Secretary Vicky Fay

State Committeeman: Stephen Hammond

State Committeewoman: Kathy Ovide

Attorney: David Paul Horan

Republican Party of Monroe County Executive Committee 2019 Membership

 Precinct 02 Clifford Steele
 Precinct 03 Harry Bethel
 Precinct 06 Jonathon Beyers
 Precinct 06 Stephen Hammond
 Precinct 07 Gordon Keiser
 Precinct 10 Kathy Ovide
 Precinct 11 Sam Steele
 Precinct 13 Matt Massoud
 Precinct 15 Jim Muir
 Precinct 16 Alan Ballas
 Precinct 17 Kevin Madok
 Precinct 18 Michelle Coldiron
 Precinct 21 Gordon Dodge
 Precinct 21 Woody Hodgkins
 Precinct 22 Toni Appell
 Precinct 23 John Dick
 Precinct 24 Larry Zettwoch
 Precinct 25 Rick Berry
 Precinct 25 Mirna Hormechea
 Precinct 25 Donna Stark
 Precinct 25 Dennis Ward
 Precinct 26 Carla Bahn
 Precinct 26 Don Horton
 Precinct 27 Tom McDonald
 Precinct 28 Nick Mulick
 Precinct 28 John Ribble
 Precinct 29 Casey Scheu
 Precinct 29 Veronica Scheu
 Precinct 29 Tonia Shusta
 Precinct 30 Vicky Fay
 Precinct 30 Holly Raschein
 Precinct 31 John Millhiser
 Precinct 32 Rita Flores



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